Playa del Carmen, a great destination for those who love to dance

It’s well-known that Playa del Carmen is a place where the music never stops, ranging from music festivals such as the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival to BPM. However, we know that for every taste there’s a rhythm, and listening to Chick Corea or the most famous DJs on the scene isn’t for everyone. Some have […]

Have you visited Mexico’s one true bike-friendly destination?

Bicycles are no longer just a way to work out: they’ve become a lifestyle for people who love sustainable, comfortable and practical transportation. Once you try riding in Playa del Carmen you’ll understand why. In an ever-growing city like this, it might even feel unusual to be able to ride a bike so easily, without […]

Staying in shape while vacationing in Playa del Carmen

Many travelers like to say “calories don’t count on vacation.”   If you enjoy taking care of your body and staying in shape, we have news for you: The good news: Resting is good for your body. It helps heal and tone muscles, leaving them ready for your next workout. The bad news: Calories do […]

Kantunchi Ecopark: four cenotes that can’t be missed in the Mayan Riviera

We’re sure the following names don’t mean anything to you: Sas ka leen ha, Uch Ben Ha, Zacil Ha, Kantun Chi. No, they’re not a tongue twister created to invoke some Mayan deity that makes it rain. These are the names of the four cenotes that make up the Kantunchi Ecopark, one of the most […]

Chemuyil, a beach for falling in love in the Mayan Riviera

Whenever we talk about vacations in the Mayan Riviera, Cancun or Playa del Carmen immediately come to mind, but this beautiful stretch of beach has many surprises for spending a perfect vacation with your family or partner. You’ll love Chemuyil if you want an unspoiled beach with lovely views. Chemuyil is a small, almost unexplored […]

Tell me your traveling style and I’ll tell you the best place to stay

Do you enjoy traveling? What’s your favorite destination? Have you considered the Mayan Riviera for a family vacation? How about a magical town to discover the picturesque side of life? An exotic destination? An encounter with nature? There are many ways to travel and to find both yourself and the best destinations. In fact, for […]

What’s the best breakfast after a night out?

We Mexicans love a good party, and we are second to none when it comes to unforgettable nights. But it often happens that nights in Playa del Carmen turn out to be much longer than expected, with the many bars, cafés, restaurants, mixology bars and so much more this destination offers. In Playa del Carmen […]

The importance of being early at Playa del Carmen bars

When it comes to fun and partying, the number one rule is there are no rules. But when it comes to nightlife, while it’s important to note that there is no written rulebook, there are a few recommendations to consider to make sure the fun never stops. We know the best parties aren’t restricted by […]

What makes all-inclusive hotels in the Mayan Riviera such a bad idea for your family vacation?

Considering your options for an unforgettable vacation in the Mayan Riviera can be overwhelming, especially once you come across all the choices for lodging, services, tours, activities for families and couples—in short, the options are endless. Lately, one of the most popular picks is staying at an all-inclusive hotel in the Mayan Riviera. The main […]

Sustainability projects in Playa del Carmen

The Mayan Riviera is a paradise, but its conservation requires everyone’s cooperation. After all, every visitor who comes to the Mayan Riviera takes a bit of its landscapes, its heartbeat and leaves a footprint in the sand, with the promise to return. However, not all tracks are ideal. Sometimes, tourism can play an important role […]

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