Ten rules for your vacation

Vacations have rules, but we don’t mean the boring old rules you might find at a school or an all-inclusive resort’s pool area. The truth is rules are somewhat necessary, more so for ensuring harmony rather than as an excuse to punish those who break them. At Happy Address we came up with ten rules […]

Exotic animals you could see during your vacation

If we recognize the real estate developers in Playa del Carmen and the Mayan Riviera for anything, it should be for the great respect they have for the environment. Although this topic always proves controversial, many of the entrepreneurs and investors understand the importance of caring for the environment.It couldn’t be otherwise: Playa del Carmen’s […]

Flyboard in Playa del Carmen: do you dare to fly during your vacation?

Humans associate two things with adventure: the ocean and flying. And vacations can be a good time to take on new adventures you never imagined, right? The sea has always been synonymous with facing the unknown, a gigantic element that makes up more of the world than we do. It’s also a foreign world, full […]

The best location in Mexico: Playa del Carmen has it all

Those of us who are in love with Playa del Carmen like to say that it’s at the center of the world, and also of our hearts. It may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s true that we usually think the person we’re in love with is the best in the universe. The thing about […]

An all-inclusive experience in Playa del Carmen… and more

When people think about a Mayan Riviera vacation, they usually think of three things: beachy paradise, night clubs and lush nature. And they’re exactly right. But the Mayan Riviera offers much more, regardless of whether you’re traveling with family or friends. Many all-inclusive resorts offer a relatively attractive variety of activities. For an additional fee, […]

Is it possible to stick to a diet while on vacation?

You may have seen a saying going around online: “Vacation calories don’t count.” Don’t we all wish that were at least 50% true? The thing is, it’s not. Traveling doesn’t mean you have to put your healthy eating habits on hold, does it? It’s true that at many hotels and all-inclusive resorts, temptation is far […]

Do you love adrenaline? Why not try an extreme experience during your Mayan Riviera vacation?

Not everyone is made for adrenaline. Speed, height and thrills don’t often go hand in hand with those looking for peace and quiet while reading a book. But if you’re reading this article, it probably means you’re into excitement, thrill-seeking and extreme experiences. Here are some activities you can’t miss during your stay in the […]

How to take a vacation and take care of the environment at the same time

The environment belongs to everyone, although it seems that some people don’t yet understand this. But it’s always important to know we need to take care of all the spots we visit on our family vacations, whether they are on the beach, in the city, in colonial cities, in small villages or ecotourism destinations. We […]

Virgin beaches: hidden sanctuaries for the few who know where to look

If you Google “Mexican beaches”, “Mexican Caribbean”, “best beaches in Mexico” or “Mayan Riviera”, you’ll find pictures of turquoise-sea paradises, beautiful in every way. If you scroll down a little, you’ll see pictures of celebrations, music festivals with the Caribbean as backdrop, and so much more. But real insiders like us, truly in love with […]

Please, don’t stay at a chain hotel

We know you’re looking to provide the best for your family. Having the endorsement of a well-known hotel chain seems to guarantee certain aspects of your stay, but we seriously believe the rules have changed: that the best way to truly enjoy and experience a vacation is now different, and that you deserve an experience […]

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