Forever alone no more: different ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day

Just as it happens with the winter holidays, Valentine’s Day has both people who dread it and people who can’t wait to make the most of it and celebrate in amazing, original ways. And if you think by original we mean covering your Valentine’s car with post-its, you’ve never heard about how Valentine’s Day is […]

The Mayan Riviera’s secret beaches

The Mayan Riviera is undoubtedly a paradise for all of us; however, a Google search of terms such as “Mayan Riviera beaches,” “Mayan Riviera vacation” or “best beaches Mayan Riviera” yields results that don’t do justice to the wonder that stretches for hundreds of miles. There are thousands of mini-paradises in the Mayan Riviera that […]

5 steps for disconnecting from everything on your next vacation

Millennials or, as the previous generation knows them, “sons and daughters,” have the problem and the advantage of living perpetually connected to the world. This has also permeated through to all the generations living with them in the world today. Especially now that all of us spend more than 40 hours interacting with each other, […]

What’s New Year’s like in the place where the party never stops?

The December holidays are already here; still not sure where to spend the holiday season? Many might tell you these holidays should be reserved for family, but that shouldn’t stop you from turning them into an experience like you’ve never imagined, surrounded by the people you love, with weather you never thought would be ideal […]

5 tropical carols for Christmas in the Caribbean

Christmas is not celebrated the same way everywhere; case in point, during the holidays there is no more representative Mexican dish than Norwegian cod. Not to mention the traditional American meal that is accompanied by turkey and the very regional fruit cake. Fortunately, faithful to the spirit of Christmas, people from different parts of the […]

The essential Caribbean vacation holiday kit

We know you’re planning to make the most of your next vacation in the Caribbean, and specifically the Mayan Riviera. The winter holidays are almost upon us, and they’re a great time to visit this earthly paradise. Some people think Mexican hospitality means treating our visitors to habanero chilies until they cry, but that’s far […]

Holbox: island beauty and respect for nature

Holbox is one of the best-kept secrets of the Yucatan Peninsula. Located north of Quintana Roo and at about 25 mi (40 km) long and 1.2 mi (2 km) wide, this island of 1,500 residents captivates visitors and encompasses beauty and respect for nature from end to end. This colorful place, which is part of […]

Can Playa del Carmen be enjoyed while traveling with children?

Few destinations are as exciting (and often stigmatized) as Playa del Carmen. Is it really where spring break was born? Is it just a 24/7 party town? In short: no, those are all lies. Playa del Carmen is diverse enough to offer entertainment for the entire family. While it’s true there are hotels unsuitable for […]

Itinerary for a newly married couple in Playa del Carmen

If the Mayan Riviera is a place easily enjoyed when traveling solo, it’s double the experience and enjoyment if you visit with the love of your life. People go to the Mayan Riviera to have fun, but that fun doesn’t just mean parties that end at dawn, extreme sports and sleepless nights that end with […]

Uncommon tours you can do in Playa del Carmen

You can find a lot more to do in Playa del Carmen than what’s offered in the brochures. With a place so wonderful and charming like Playa, it’s difficult to do it justice: there aren’t enough shades of green in a printer that accurately reflect its vegetation, there are no words to describe the excitement […]

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